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Top Digital Marketing Companies In California

One of the world’s leaders in tech innovation and popular culture, California is the place where the latest digital marketing trends are born. Our team of experts have ranked the top digital marketing companies in California that deliver high-quality campaigns and measurable results. The top three are:


A full-service digital marketing agency deeply specialized in eCommerce design, development, and marketing. Their services include omnichannel brand strategy, SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing, etc. Certified ShopifyPlus partners.

Featured Clients: LifeProof, Turtle Beach, Injinji

50 - 99

Wpromote is an award-winning team of digital marketing experts specialized in SEO, content, email and social media marketing management. They work with businesses of all sizes and across industries.

Featured Clients: Toyota, Verizon, Providence Health & Services, Zenni

250 - 499

One’s of California’s leading experts in SEO and PPC. Besides organic and paid search, this award-winning agency specializes in content and email marketing management for clients nationwide and renowned international brands alike.

Featured Clients: The Hollywood Sign, Spafinder, Experian, Marika, Toyota

Under 49

Best Digital Marketing Companies In California – 2020 Rankings

Find the full list of the leading California digital marketing agencies here. These agencies have been carefully screened and ranked based on a set of rigorous criteria which include, but are not limited to project portfolio and case studies, client reviews, in-house expertise and service cost.  

1. Digital Operativehttp://digitaloperative.comCalifornia50 - 99
2. Wpromotehttps://www.wpromote.comCalifornia250 - 499
3. Amplitude Digital Inc.
https://amplitudeagency.comCaliforniaUnder 49
4. Symphonic Digitalhttps://symphonicdigital.comCaliforniaUnder 49
5. Digitawisehttps://www.digitawise.comCaliforniaUnder 49
6. AGW Grouphttps://agwmarketing.comCaliforniaUnder 49
7. Evo Strategieshttps://evoinc.comCaliforniaUnder 49
8. Starke Marketinghttp://wearestarke.comCaliforniaUnder 49
9. Spokes Digitalhttps://www.spokesdigital.usCaliforniaUnder 49
Under $1,000
10. SmartBug Mediahttps://www.smartbugmedia.comCalifornia50 - 99
11. Renaissance Digital Marketinghttps://www.21strenaissance.comCalifornia Under 49
Under $1,000
12. Huntington Pacific Mediahttps://www.huntingtonpacificmedia.comCaliforniaUnder 49
13. CNG Digital Marketinghttps://cngdigitalmarketing.comCaliforniaUnder 49
14. Zoek Digital Marketinghttps://www.gozoek.comCalifornia 50 - 99
Under $1,000
15. Digitopia, Inc.https://www.digitopia.agencyCalifornia Under 49
16. 12 Steps Marketinghttps://www.12stepsmarketing.comCaliforniaUnder 49
17. Something About Marketinghttp://somethingaboutmarketing.comCaliforniaUnder 49
Under $1,000
18. Randy McCabe | Digital Marketing Agencyhttps://randymccabe.comCaliforniaUnder 49
Under $1,000
19. GreatLike Mediahttps://www.greatlike.comCalifornia50 - 99
20. DSG Digital Marketing & Web Designhttps://www.devinesolutionsgroup.comCalifornia Under 49
21. Anderson Collaborativehttps://andersoncollaborative.comFloridaUnder 49Inquire$1,000+
22. Newman Grace Inc.http://www.newmangrace.comCalifornia Under 49Inquire$10,000+
23. Brenton Wayhttps://brentonway.comCalifornia 50 - 99$125/hr$1,000+
24. Mod Girl Marketinghttps://www.modgirlmarketing.comCalifornia Under 49$200/hrInquire

What Sets Digital Marketing Agencies in California Apart From Other US-Based Competitors?

Recent reports show that the California economy is an important factor on the global market, as the fifth-largest in the world, while the Golden State is highlighted as #1 in economic climate.

California economic climate - top digital marketing companies

With tendencies to continue outgrowing the national average, California’s economy is pushed forward by the Silicon Valley-led tech industry and Hollywood.

In such a favorable climate, California digital marketing companies thrive easily while constantly investing in new approaches and solutions in the field.

The majority of online marketing California excel at these specialized digital services:

  • Copywriting and content marketing: Targeted copy and content writing in the form of press releases, articles, blogs, and creation of videos, visuals and other communication tools.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Analyzing and optimization of all content, written and visual to improve search engine rankings.
  • Instagram marketing: Home state to the most successful influencer in the world, California has taken the art of Instagram marketing to the next level. It’s often featured as a separate online promotion service.

California - instagram influences - top digital marketing companies

  • Advertising: Promotion of different campaigns to reach a wider audience through SEM, PPC, social media ads, including retargeting, remarketing and email marketing are the main strategies California digital marketers utilize.
  • Data analysis: Analytics is a crucial element of digital marketing, essential in improving strategic results. California online marketing agencies employ analytics to design data-driven marketing plans.
  • And more

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency in California?

Right after New York, the Los Angeles metro area has the second-largest marketing workforce in the US.

LA marketing population - top digital marketing companies

In such a large and successful economy, it’s important to have a reliable partner to foster growth, and California online marketing agencies have the necessary experience to grow your brand from the get-go.

Here are the most important reasons to hire one if the digital marketing companies in California:

  • History of applied best practices: Booming economy and highly competitive conditions have driven California web marketing agencies to hone their skills to perfection and promote a high level of service support by best practices on the market.
  • Specific industry experience: Knowledge of the trades such as tech and movie industry make web promotion agencies in California ideal for businesses that cater to any area of tech or pop culture.
  • Unparalleled brand care: Working with world-class brands has made California web promotion companies experts in the field of branding and brand care.
  • Market expertise: Specificities related to the California market, rapid growth and high potential are only some of the insights a web marketing California company will have.
  • In-depth understanding of your business: Your goals, needs and wishes will be considered from a market-specific point of view, as onlinemarketing companies in California take all given factors into consideration to produce the desired results.

5 Benefits Of Working With California Digital Marketing Companies

Outsourcing your digital marketing strategy to a California partner can be beneficial for your business. If you’re looking to improve your online presence, increase your ROI and compete with the latest trends on the market, a California marketing agency partner should fulfill all of your requirements.

Leveling your expectations, you should know the benefits of investing in online promotion by hiring an outsourced agency.

Some of the advantages you can expect are:

  • Audience increase: With a number of internet users constantly on the rise and the market-specific expertise California online marketing companies provide, you can look forward to increasing your audience.
  • More customers: The latest content marketing, SEO and influencer marketing tricks are where marketing agencies in California are the best, so you can expect a larger number of conversions.
  • Better ROI and more sales: With online shopping markets slowly taking over, more customers will mean more sales, while your marketing investment is likely to pay off.
  • Recognizable Brand: Learning from the leaders in the market, California online marketing agencies have mastered the art of brand building, so you can expect your brand to become more widely known.
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5 Questions To Answer Before Searching For A Digital Marketing Agency in California

Operating in a specific, highly competitive market, California digital marketing companies have created a multitude of client-specific service packages and plans.

Before you pick a California marketing agency to work with, take a step back and think about your business’ needs. This will give you an insight into what to look for exactly.

If you are still uncertain about your company’s needs, here are 5 questions you should definitely ask yourself before you sign a contract:

  • What are your business goals? If you have a clear vision of your business goals that you share with your online marketing partner, they will create a better custom strategy for you.
  • Why do you need an external web marketing partner? Knowing your goals will allow you to recognize your needs and define exactly why you need a digital marketer on your side to ease the result-driven process.
  • How much can you invest in digital marketing? Knowing your budget is crucial – that’s how you will know what services and level of collaboration to expect.
  • What is your target audience? Is your business locally or globally oriented, who are your customers, how can you expand your brand? If you know all of these things, your digital marketer will have an easy job of reaching out to the specific market for you.
  • Who are your biggest competitors? You need to know who you’re up against and how to set up your business right from the start. California online promotion companies that have experience in brand and product placing might have worked with your competitors – your business can benefit from this.

How To Find The Right Digital Marketing Agency in California For Your Business

Scouting the market for the ideal web marketing agency in California is a serious task similar to hiring an expert. You will want a vetted team of professionals who are available, reliable and dedicated to your brand.

This process can take a long time and it’s better to come prepared.

Here are several matters to take into consideration when hiring an online marketing agency in California:

The California Digital Marketing Agency’s Specialization

There are many active platforms a California web marketing agency can use. Before you decide on the right web promotion partner, you should think about the ones that would work best for you.

Understanding the services a web marketing agency in California offers is imperative, as you will get insight into their expertise and know-how to level your expectations.

Communication and Collaborative Approach

Scout the California online agencies that interest you to learn about their approach to projects and the way they communicate with clients.

You will want the one that offers a dedicated person for your account and that has transparent and streamlined processes.

This will make it easier for you to review and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy complete with due dates, drafts, deliverables and desired results.

CCPA Compliance and Data Protection Best Practices

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect on January 1, 2020. This act is designed to regulate data privacy online.

This means that many of the existing data collection practices companies conduct will have to be reviewed and changed to fit the new regulation.

Check if the California online marketing company is CCPA-ready and if their processes fit the new bill. You don’t want to be the collateral victim of their ongoing adjustments, so make sure they are completely up to date with all of the information and due diligence regarding this new law.

Besides CCPA, assess the company’s user data protection practices to ensure your sensitive information remains safe during and after the partnership.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Company Portfolio

The best California digital marketing companies have substantial portfolios filled with successful projects.

When you get their portfolio for consideration, you should review it carefully and engage in conversation with their representative.

Some of the questions you should ask are:

  • What methods did they use to achieve success?
  • Did their projects go smoothly?
  • How prepared is the company for crisis management?
  • What innovations did they implement?
  • Are those new approaches now a standard in their service offer?
  • What would they do differently if the same opportunity approaches?

Be persistent and see how they respond.

If their communication manners are open, transparent and friendly, their projects well-imagined and successful, and their client experiences good – you should continue to ask a quote for their services.

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Found The Right Digital Marketing Agency In California? Here Are A Few Last Tips To Consider Before Signing A Contract

Digital marketing requires careful handling of sensitive user data. Before entering a partnership with your selected digital marketing partner, be sure to protect your users and digital assets.

Solicit legal advice when drafting your contract to ensure all contingencies are covered.

Here are three steps to take before partnering with a digital marketing agency:

  • Negotiate terms and prices: Don’t take any unfavorable terms or inflated rates on face value. Negotiate all terms of your collaboration to ensure the most favorable conditions for your business.
  • Clarify your contractual obligations: Know your responsibilities to your digital marketing partner. Define the deliverables, payment methods and terms.
  • Protect your data: Ensure that your partner complies with the local data and user protection laws such as CCPA.

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