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Top Digital Marketing Companies In NYC

Did you know that New York has one of the highest populations of digital marketers in the US?

We have researched and ranked the best of them. Here you will find the top digital marketing companies in NYC, selected based on their client reviews, case studies, average rates and other criteria. The top three are:


Digital Silk creates successful online experiences and brings measurable results by developing strategies for growth concentrated on SEO, web design, result-riven digital marketing, and branding.

Featured Clients: XEROX, P&G, Impendi Analytics, doForms, SONY

New York
50 - 99

The traditional marketing agency that offers its services to the high-growth eCommerce companies or established global ones. Their services include CRO, SEO, Digital Marketing, Branding, Email campaigns, and more.

Featured Clients: Jill Zarin, Noly, Livly, Cannafornia, Smarter

Under 49

Outsmart the competition with best-in-class digital marketing services. With over 150 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews online, SmartSites is America’s #1 rated digital marketing agency. Get a free consultation from SmartSites today.

Featured Clients: Harvard University, Audi, Nationwide Merchant Solutions

New Jersey
50 - 99

Best Digital Marketing Companies In NYC – 2020 Rankings

Here’s an extended list of the top digital marketing agencies in New York that can improve your online presence and take your business to the next level.

1. Digital Silkhttps://www.digitalsilk.comNew York50 - 99
2. Evestarhttps://evestar.comFloridaUnder 49
3. SmartSites York50 - 99$100/hrInquire
4. Aumcore Digital Marketing Agencyhttps://www.aumcore.comNew York50 - 99
5. Hello Mondayhttp://www.hellomonday.comNew York
Under 49
6. iPullRankhttp://ipullrank.comNew YorkUnder 49
7. Multi Marketing USAhttps://multimarketingusa.comNew YorkUnder 49
8. Parkway Digitalhttps://www.pkwydigital.comNew York Under 49
9. BTPLocal Online Marketinghttps://www.btp-local.comNew York
Under 49
Under $1,000
10. Shadi Ranks Digital Marketinghttps://www.shadiranks.comNew YorkUnder 49
11. Brawn Mediahttps://www.brawnmediany.comNew York Under 49
12. Parse Mediahttps://parsemedia.comNew YorkUnder 49
13. Better Business Resource Group YorkUnder 49
14. Chainlink Relationship Marketinghttps://chainlinkmarketing.comNew York
Under 49
15. TunedUp Mediahttps://www.tunedupmedia.comNew York Under 49
16. Nexpromohttps://nexpromo.comNew York Under 49
17. Digital Drew SEMhttps://digitaldrewsem.comNew YorkUnder 49$100/hr
Under $1,000
18. RenderTribehttps://www.rendertribe.comNew YorkUnder 49
19. Scale Digital Marketinghttps://tryscale.comNew York
Under 49
20. Solutions for Growthhttps://solutionsforgrowthllc.comNew YorkUnder 49
Under $1,000
210. Darlinghttps://darling.nycNew YorkUnder 49
22. CGT Marketing LLChttps://www.cgtmarketingllc.comNew YorkUnder 49
23. Anderson Collaborativehttps://andersoncollaborative.comNew YorkUnder 49Inquire$1000+
24. Brenton Wayhttps://brentonway.comNew York50 - 99$125/hr$1000+
25. GB Agency YorkUnder 49$125/hr$1000+
26. Jason Safir Interactivehttps://www.jasonsafir.comNew YorkUnder 49$45/hr$1000+
27. RBD Digital Marketing Agencyhttps://www.rbdwebdev.comNew York Under 49
Under $1,000

How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Company In New York

To find the right digital marketing partner in New York for your business, focus on:


Industry experience

Industry experience will help fast-track your digital marketing partner’s efforts as they will need less time for knowledge building. Additionally, an experienced digital marketing partner will be better aware of the challenges, opportunities and marketing best practices unique to your industry.



Before you start your research, set a budget – How much you can spend on digital marketing services? Then, scroll through our ranking list to find the average rates, and even ask each of your candidates for a price estimate.



The agencies on our ranking list have demonstrated excellent client reviews and testimonials. Should you wish to extend your search, find agency reviews on independent platforms to learn more about your candidates’ service quality, business ethics and other traits.

What Do The Top Digital Marketing Companies In NYC Do?

From end-to-end strategies to specialized services, NYC digital marketing companies’ offering appears pretty standard on paper.

What differentiates NYC marketers from the rest is their deep, internationally competitive expertise, creativity and access to the latest tools and trends.

Some of the best digital marketing services to employ in New York are:

  • Content creation: Home to some of the world’s most renowned publishers, New York attracts the best content and copywriters in the country, as well as designers and videographers.
  • Advertising: From paid search and social media management to click-worthy artwork, NYC digital advertising agencies are national and international leaders in their field.
  • Analytics: These agencies have access to the top analysts and martech on the market.
  • Digital PR: Another offspring of the city’s strong publishing muscle, digital PR services in New York are highly sought after among the US and international clients.
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The best NYC digital marketing specialists work with businesses of all sizes from startups to large corporations, serving local and global brands.

While most remain industry-agnostic, others specialize in digital marketing for:

  • Publishing
  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • Finance

The high demand for digital marketing services in these industries has turned the top digital marketing companies in NYC into the finest experts to serve clients in these niches.

Reasons to hire a digital marketing company in New York

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency In New York?

New York has one of the most competitive markets in the world and attracts some of the best digital marketing specialists.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, NYC employs over 63,520 marketing experts, second only to California.

As such, New York has one of the richest talent pools of digital marketers in the world.

Here are the top five reasons to outsource digital marketing to New York-based agencies:

  • Reach the local audience: To reach your NYC-based audiences, you need an agency that knows the local ecosystem, competition, market and trends, and has the skills to cut through the city’s unprecedented marketing noise levels.
  • Grow local relationships: As your new qualified leads pour into your marketing funnel, you need your experts to have the capacity and know-how to maintain and grow your brand relationships with existing NYC customers.
  • Outperform competitors: Whether competing locally or globally, you need highly qualified experts to help you get ahead. NYC agencies offer high-end digital marketing services to brands with a global vision.

The number of marketing experts in NYC

20 Questions To Ask When Interviewing The Top Digital Marketing Companies In NYC

Here are the top 20 questions you should ask every potential candidate on our list before you make your final choice:

1. What Digital Marketing Services Do You Specialize In?

The scope of digital marketing is wide; It can include omnichannel strategies, as well as specialized ones such as content, social media, email, video marketing and more.

Determine whether you need a full-service digital marketing partner or a highly specialized agency, and interview the candidates to find one with the skill set that answers your requirement.

2. Where Can I See Your Up-To-Date Portfolio?

The agency’s portfolio will give you an insight into the type and quality of the projects they have worked on, as well as acquaint you with their clients.

Although not a prerequisite for success, we suggest focusing on the agencies that have experience in serving businesses in your industry. The fact that they understand your audience, competition, market challenges and opportunities will fast-track your agency’s efforts.

3. Where Can I Find Your Client Reviews?

Reviews and ratings are good indicators of the company’s reliability.

These can tell you a lot about your shortlisted digital marketing agencies including the quality of their services, client care and business ethics.

So, make sure you check every potential candidate’s reviews prior to selecting a partner.

4. Could You Put Us In Touch With Some Of Your References?

Similarly to reviews and ratings, the agencies’ references can give you a better, more comprehensive insight into their services and approach to collaboration.

These references can not only save you from a potentially risky investment but also help you get a head start with your chosen digital marketing partner by sharing experience-based tips.

5. Describe Your Organizational Structure: Is Your Team New York-Based Or Disbursed?

An increasing number of digital marketing agencies are turning to the geographically dispersed teams model to cut costs, achieve more competitive rates and reach a bigger talent pool.

6. If The Latter, How Would Your Organizational Set-Up Affect Our Collaboration?

If you are assigning your project to a partner that is disbursed, discover how it will affect your communication. Find out whether there is a difference in the time zone, and ask whether they would be able to have their meetings during your working hours.

Also, discover whether the marketers who will work on your project speak your language. Most of the offshoring countries use English as the official language when it comes to business. However, you need to be aware of their level of understanding.

Another factor to consider is the business culture. Since you operate in different environments, you may share different company values. This may affect your collaboration which is why you should also communicate it with the potential candidates on our list.

Moreover, you should also see what is their understanding of your target market and the relevant data protection laws of your country to ensure your personal data stays safe.

7. Which Project Management Tools Do You Use?

The best digital marketing companies in NYC should incorporate project management tools that will help them better collaborate and easily communicate with their clients.

They will allow real-time communication and give you an overview of all the tasks that your partner works on and how well they meet assigned deadlines.

Furthermore, these tools also allow generating reports that will help you ensure your project is delivered on time and within your budget.

8. How would We Monitor Your Performance?

It is a bit challenging to track the performance of the agency you pick, especially if it is not based locally.

Luckily, there are different tools that can help you measure your brand’s progress and see whether the strategies your company uses work. Understand which metrics are useful to track and make sure you analyze each of them carefully.

9. How Would Our Teams Collaborate For The Success Of Our Project?

Even though you’ve delegated your digital marketing project to an agency, its success is dependent on your collaboration.

A seasoned digital marketing agency will be aware of this and offer a plan or a strategy that will ensure your active involvement.

Giving your collaboration a structure will expedite the decision making process, reaction and execution time, as well as improve your results.

10. Who Will Be Our Main Contact At Your Organization?

Find out who will be the person responsible for contacting you so that you know who to reach out to whenever you have a question, a complaint or simply you want to ask about your project’s progress.

11. How Do You Stay On Top Of The Latest Digital Marketing Trends?

The top NYC digital marketing agencies not only actively encourage continuous learning among their teams, but they insist on it.

Being on top of the latest trends and tech is the only way to stay relevant in this increasingly noisy and fast-paced market. This is why the agency you are interviewing should have processes in place designed to keep their teams in the loop.

12. Which Tools Do You Use To Track The Effectiveness Of Your Strategies?

The best digital marketers should also count on the help of different tools to evaluate and improve their strategies and tactics.

So, they should use tools like Google Analytics for tracking campaign performance across various channels or tools like MailChimp to track email marketing metrics and more.

13. Which Tools Do You Use For Digital Marketing Management, Automation And Other Tasks?

Using different management and automation tools helps NYC digital marketing agencies boost their productivity while allowing them to refine their marketing processes.

Smart businesses are automating menial tasks and actively seeking tools that provide deeper insights.

So, find out what tools these companies count on and ensure you only consider candidates that actually take advantage of such technologies.

14. Do You Have Experience In Advertising And What Types Of Ads Do You Run?

Advertising is an important part of digital marketing that lets you reach your clients in every stage of the buying funnel.

However, since each business is different and has unique objectives, find out what type of ads these companies have experience with and which of them can suit your needs the best.

15. What Are The SEO Best Practices That You Incorporate And Why Do They Matter?

Search engine optimization is important in reaching the right audience, ranking higher on Google and attracting high-quality traffic to your website.

So, it is of high importance to pick a partner that understands the best optimization tactics, algorithm updates and other key factors that can boost your brand performance.

16. How Will You Communicate The Analytics And Other Results To Us?

Ask these candidates how they will share the analytical reports on your brand’s performance as well as on the effectiveness of their strategies.

Then also inquire how you will discuss the results and their ideas for improvement.

17. How Much Content Will You Produce For Us?

If you also need content creation services then it is good to know how much and what type of content you will get for the money you invest.

Agreeing on the quantity of content is a way of measuring the agency’s speed and effectiveness (too many articles probably can mean poor quality, too few can mean ineffective staff).

To ensure your project’s success it is good to set KPIs for the agency and evaluate their activities.

18. What Social Channels Should Our Business Be Present On?

Targeting the wrong audience can cost you money. This is why your business should only be active on these social platforms where your potential customers hang out.

So, these agencies will inspect the type of businesses you are, your target market and your overall goal. Then, they will make an audit of the most popular social platforms to see which of them you can leverage for business promotion.

19. How Do You Charge For Your Projects?

Ask the best digital marketing agencies in NYC how they charge for their services and if possible inquire about a project cost estimate.

This will help you understand how fixed or fluid your rates will be, as well as give you a better idea of the agency’s transparency in terms of cost.

20. When Can We See The Results?

Be aware of companies that promise instant results or a high ROI within a short period of time. That is simply not possible and sometimes investing in advertising, for instance, can be a game of luck.

However, these companies are professionals and they know what they are doing. So, they can provide you with a certain timeline of expected results.

New York skyline

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Digital Marketing Company

Picking a trustworthy partner is important in the success of your project. So, when searching for the right candidate take your time to do thorough research. Don’t be hasty since it may cost you money.

Here are the most common mistakes that you should avoid when choosing a digital marketer for your project:

  • Picking a company without previous research: For your project to be successful, you need to make sure you hire a company that is highly qualified but also answers your unique business requirement. To do so, you don’t pick the first candidate on our list, but you research and research some more. Inspect each agency thoroughly in terms of reviews, references and case studies. This will help you find the agency that has the skillset you require.
  • Failing for the “secret formula”: Some agencies may tell you that they use tactics than none of their competitors are familiar with or that they have the key ingredient that can guarantee position #1 on Google. Unfortunately, a magic potion does not exist. Whenever a company tells you anything that is too good to be true simply run away from it or you may end up disappointed.
  • Prioritizing price over business fit and quality: Start your search for the right partner with quality in mind and not affordability. There is one interesting slogan in digital marketing that says: “You get what you pay for ”. And that is totally true. Never pick a partner that offers low-cost services because they may use black-hat tactics including buying links, poor optimization or content of poor quality.
  • Not receiving a plan adjusted to your needs: Never agree to work with an agency if they don’t provide you with a clear plan where they create their strategies based on your unique goals only. Every business is different and prepackaged SEO or social media marketing tactics may fail. This may mean wasting your time and money without getting any measurable results.
  • Approaching an agency without clearly defined goals and requirements: It is important to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve by hiring a digital marketing agency in NYC. So, think about your requirements and business objectives or you may end up paying a bunch of money for services that are completely unnecessary. Do a little bit of research and see what your biggest competitors are doing, what types of ads they run, what content they share and which social media platforms they are active on. This will give you a better insight into what similar services you might need since you operate in the same environment and have the same target market.

How Digital Marketing Agencies In New York Charge For Their Services

The top digital marketing companies in NYC offer different pricing plans.

Most agencies charge per hour with average rates starting at $100 – $200/h, depending on the size and experience the agencies have.

The second popular pricing model is project-based.

In this case, the cost will primarily depend on the following factors:

  • Number of digital marketers who will work on your project
  • The number and type of digital marketing services you need
  • The scope and timeframe of the project
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Picked A Digital Marketing Company In New York? Here Are A Few Tips To Consider That Will Ensure The Success Of Your Partnership

We’ve provided the reasons and the benefits of working with digital marketing agencies in New York.

Now, it is up to you to do your homework and find the right partner for your business.

When you do, be sure to:

  • Negotiate the price and terms
  • Clarify your roles and responsibilities
  • Set concrete expectations and KPIs
  • Protect your users and your organization’s sensitive data

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